Where it all began

Making the difference with music – this is the ambitious goal of the Hamburg musician Fred Martin. In April 2021 his first studio album „into the sunset“ will be released. The 13 self-written and produced songs are autobiographical and tell of Fred Martin’s journey to himself as a musician. “I want to touch and inspire people. My motto is: Make the world a better place! That’s why half of my income goes to my non-profit organization. I will found this in 2021, ”says Fred.

Turning wishes into action and not just dreaming them – this is what happened to Fred with his love of music. “My family are the classic screwdrivers. Music was unfortunately not an issue. When I was visiting my Polish grandmother, I heard her play the piano and was completely fascinated. At some point I took heart and said: Grandma will show me that, ”Fred remembers. From 14 he took piano lessons, two years later the guitar followed and at the age of 17 he began to sing. At 18 he founded the rock band Amazing Destiny. Fred Martin quickly realized: He wants to be independent and above all more versatile.

Because Fred Martin’s sound cannot be reduced to a few attributes, it is a journey through the musical genres – as complex as he is. “I make pop music with catchy melodies and strong refrains. Nevertheless, I allow a lot of different genres to flow into it. Funk, soul, rock, jazz or even electro. Sometimes I sing, sometimes I do beatboxing or hang up – I’m always open to new ideas, ”says the 30-year-old.

From Hamburg to California

The thoroughbred musician is inspired by the 60s. His role models include Queen, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, but also modern artists such as Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars. It is this „real“ sound, this renunciation of extreme alienation and autotune, what Fred Martin’s music has in common with that of his colleagues. “I’m always looking for new sounds and the abnormal. I like to combine the handmade of my musical heroes with modern sounds. I’m also interested in new performances and technologies. That’s why I arranged my song XY (what was it called again?) For a loop pedal, ”says Fred Martin.

Fred Martin’s artistic work is difficult to put into a résumé. He is on the road as a band member, as a singer songwriter, as a DJ, as a one-man band at weddings and with his Fred Martin Band. “In principle, you can book me as you need it. I can flexibly learn songs on the guitar or compile set lists for a party. Still, the priority today is my own music, ”says Fred.

When he co-produced the album of the artist friend Adam Brixton in 2019, Fred Martin realized that he no longer just wanted to be support. The decision to create a completely own album was made.

Discover my music, my inspirations

The trained media manager wrote his first songs during his semester abroad in California, USA. He bought a van and lived the road trip dream with girlfriend Lauren. “Spreading good vibes through my music, that was my goal. And where better than under the California sun? ”Asks Fred. Lauren comes from Ireland and motivated Fred to pursue his music career right from the start, as she got to know and love him during one of his appearances in Stories on the Hamburg Reeperbahn.

His music is about Fred’s own career, love and above all his view of the world. He is an avowed Buddhist and wants to spread messages that will hopefully make the world a better place. “One should always act for the best of all beings. If you only think about yourself, you have problems. If you think about the point of view of others and want to help them, you have tasks. I would like to dedicate myself to these tasks, ”he explains.

What makes Fred Martin special? A diverse sound, handmade music and the authentic intention to make a difference. Book the creative all-rounder today and help make the world a “better place”. Because Fred Martin also thinks: „Happiness is only real when shared“.

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